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Kwongsai Mantis Blossoms in the UK

Kwongsai Mantis UK Pai

Yeung Yan sits to the right of Wong Yook Gong (center) as you look. Yeung Yan, after learning mantis from Wong, early on went to teach Mantis in England. His teaching was standard and his student's today still retain the Kwongsai Mantis' root and art in the UK.  They sometimes visit Wong's son, Wong Yu Hua, in Pingshan Town.

This circa, 1960 photo, made off the southern coast at a village in Guangdong Province

Upper Grain Threshing Floor Village
Mr. Li's Allied Hero Society
Allied Hero Society's Unicorn Brought to Light
By the Seal of Authority --Months, -- Years
Student shirts read: Allied Hero Society

Yeung Yan's shirt reads: Praying Mantis Fitness Society Clan 102


This old picture shows the son (R) of Yeung Yan in England.  Today there are several groups that
have blossomed in the UK.

The black flag states Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple and the UK Pai often takes part and is active in annual celebrations!

Respect to the UK Pai.


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